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Eligibility for Nursery: Minimum age
3+ years as on April 1st, of the year
of admission.
Admission Open for Nursery - Class 12th
Registration Form can be taken from the
School premises or downloaded from


At KMP School, the concept of TECHNOLOGY will be taught and delivered to enable students to go beyond the realms of textbook to an application-oriented approach, wherein the students are able to apply the concepts learnt in the classrooms to their real-life situations. This shall build a strong base and keep the children interested in Holistic Learning


At KMP School, we give an equal emphasis on co-curricular subjects (visual arts, performing arts and physical education.

  • Cultural Activities
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Science Activities
  • Oratory Activities
  • Creative Art Activities

We Pledge for Safety and Security

  • Maintain security cameras at each campus and on all school buses;
  • Work with our local Police and Fire Departments to coordinate prevention and response activities
  • School ambulance.
  • All internal / external children activities always under adult supervision.
  • Trained staff nurse with all essential equipment/medicines.
  • Verification and antecedent check of all support staff.
  • School sponsored PCR van stationed outside school.
  • Controlled and Restricted Access to the Campus.
  • Round the clock trained Security Guards.
  • Cordoned-off Academic Area.